Welcome to Chileda, a living and learning center for youth ages 6-21. At Chileda, we strive to improve the quality of life for our residents and day school students by providing individualized approaches toward behavioral issues using unique learning styles and an awareness of sensory needs. Our goal is to help them improve or replace their challenging behaviors so they can return to a less restrictive environment.

Chileda Values

  • Safety: Provide an environment that promotes physical and psychological well-being.
  • Compassion: Demonstrate genuine concern and appreciation for others.
  • Learning: Acquire new knowledge, skills, behaviors, and understanding.
  • Collaboration: Share ideas and work together toward a common goal.
  • Respect: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Where they learn

Where They Learn

In the education building, students learn in small groups within various classrooms. Along with our primary classrooms, we have spaces dedicated to creative arts, physical activity, life skills and technology. The gym, called The Commons, is a multiuse space, providing opportunities for basketball, indoor games, lunch room space, and the occasional movie on the big screen.

Where They Learn

The Life Skills Center houses opportunities to practice functional life skills. Learning areas in the Life Skills Center include a kitchen, laundry room, school store, community area and craft area.


After school, each house provides enjoyable activities that focus on hobbies, group games, social skills and living skills, such as shopping and preparing a meal in cooking group or playing a board game together.

Outdoor facilities

Outdoor Facilities

Our campus has two primary outdoor play areas, which include swings, a slide, a Trackride, and other play equipment that address many of our students’ sensory needs. In addition, our courtyard is used for kickball, basketball and other outdoor games. When the weather allows, students go for walks around our neighborhood and enjoy going to the community pool or local outdoor spaces.


Chileda Campus

Built in 2006, four specially designed duplexes and a custom education building sit on two and a half acres on the west side of beautiful La Crosse. Each duplex houses four single occupancy rooms and one double occupancy room, per side. The residents share a family-style living area including a kitchen, dining, and living room. Staff offices unite the living areas, allowing for high levels of supervision. The education building houses classrooms and learning environments, as well as the administrative offices.

Sample Activities

Sample Activities

A wide variety of educational, leisure and social skills activities are provided throughout the day and evening hours for the students. Additional planned activities include holiday parties, talent shows, and other special activities, such as a summer carnival.



Each classroom and house provides a daily schedule to help navigate the students through their daily routine that allows for consistency and structure. Within the classroom and houses, the students are also provided daily schedules that offer individualization to meet treatment plan goals.