Our Education Team includes teachers and specialists certified or credentialed in special education, art, music therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, vocational, vice principal and principal.

Over the years, Chileda has maintained a positive, productive living and learning experience for students. These efforts continue to be recognized in our community, as well as nationwide, as a model of compassionate care for children and young adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities.

We are very fortunate to attract some of the brightest people in our industry to work with us and to care for the children that call Chileda home.

Chileda has a highly trained team of nearly 200 people, each with diverse experiences and educational backgrounds. Many of our staff are licensed or certified in a specific area of study.

The talents of our staff are exceeded only by their enthusiasm and commitment. Many of our staff have been with Chileda for over 15 years, a testament to their dedication and belief in Chileda ’s mission and to each child’s potential to succeed.

From the CEO, Ruth Wiseman

Chileda is a wonderful place! Our caring and highly trained staff, kid-friendly homes and school, small classrooms and an average ratio of 1 staff per 2 students gives us the ability to focus on quality of life and individualized care. For many, we are the one program they’ve been searching for.

My own family found this to be true when we searched the nation in 2000 for a program for our son. Jason was diagnosed with autism and developmental delay and also had severe self-injurious behavior. Other programs would not consider him, as they were not trained nor were the facilities designed to work with his behaviors. But Chileda was equipped and welcomed us.

As the CEO, I am very proud of the staff who persevere through challenging times and celebrate the milestones in their student’s lives. We all recognize that our students are courageous, persevering every day as they gain new skills. For many, life is far from simple, but with the help of their families, communities, teachers and staff, their progress can be tremendous.