Chileda offers a spectrum of approaches to meet the diverse needs of our students, through comprehensive and ongoing training, and through support to our employees.

Our highly-trained staff continually seek out new strategies to work in conjunction with well-established practices. Chileda ‘s commitment to these practices strengthens our position as a leader in serving students with autism spectrum disorders, attachment challenges, and other developmental disabilities.


Chileda supports children and young adults with cognitive and behavioral challenges who come from local communities, as well as from across the country.

Our programs are geared not only to serve the students who live, learn and play within our programs, but to also serve the families and communities where our students will one day return.


To encourage personal growth and development, students who live at Chileda reside in a home setting that promotes interaction between peers and staff. Self-care skills, such as hygiene, eating, bathroom etiquette, and domestic skills, are taught individually. Students are provided with opportunities to practice and refine social, leisure, and academic skills in a variety of settings.

Day School

When a child’s behavioral needs exceed the scope of services available within the public school system, Chileda ’s Day School can provide a safe and therapeutic environment for addressing Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals. Day school students are provided the same high-quality educational program as our residential students, with an emphasis on helping children learn the social and behavioral skills necessary to re-integrate into the least restrictive environment.

“Words cannot begin to express how very grateful we are for the care our daughter received while she was a resident at Chileda. There is no finer facility, no more compassionate and understanding staff or more appropriate programming to be found anywhere.”
– A parent from Iowa


Chileda offers a spectrum of approaches to meet the diverse needs of our students, through comprehensive and ongoing training, and through support to our employees.

With prudent investigation, new and emerging strategies from reputable sources, and evidence-based practices, are incorporated into daily routines and practices.

Health & Wellness

The physicians, nurses, and support staff at local hospitals and clinics work hand-in-hand with Chileda ’s team of Health & Wellness staff to provide comprehensive care.

Behavior Services

Addressing the behaviors associated with developmental disabilities is an ongoing part of Chileda ’s program. Each individual is evaluated to identify behavioral needs, with special emphasis placed on meeting sensory needs and correcting environmental conditions that interfere with living and learning.


Chileda Educational Services are provided through a multi-faceted format that includes special education, life skills education, physical education, and recreation. These services are directed by a curriculum of functional academic and life skills to allow each student the opportunity to learn skills for use in real-life community experiences.

Community Services

For decades, Chileda has provided unparalleled evidence-based treatment to children within our residential setting. Seeing the success within our own walls at Chileda inspired us to help others in our community. We are proud to announce we now offer In-Home Support Services to the community. Click here to learn more.