Thank you for your interest in donating to Chileda!

Chileda is a residential home and school located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We serve students with autism spectrum disorders, other cognitive challenges and extraordinary behavioral needs. Chileda students come from all over the country to receive our help, but they each have one thing in common; our students are all one in a million! No matter what challenges they face, we’re here to meet them and help our students thrive and be their best selves.

This Holiday Season, we’re asking that you help our students reach their full potential by making a donation that makes sure all of our students have access to a Smartboard in their classroom. The Smartboards cost $2,300 each and we need to raise $18,400 to put one in every classroom.

The classrooms at Chileda are some of the most challenging environments to work in not only because of aggressive behaviors, but also because each child is at a different academic level. When students arrive, their academic level is not fully understood because of their limited communication skills. Fortunately for these children, technology continues to advance to improve communication between each student and their teacher. One of these advances is the Smartboard.

Two of our 10 classrooms have interactive touchscreen Smartboards. In these classrooms, the teachers are able to custom design a lesson that increases learning and improves social skills. For example, one teacher designed part of her lesson asking the student to drag words over to their matching picture. When the student performed the task correctly, the teacher noted,

“I saw his face light up when he experienced the success and was amazed at how much he knew and how many skills he had that he was unable to demonstrate before. He became excited to work on the Smartboard and even signaled for ‘more work’ when the lessons were completed. Thinking of the smile on his face whenever he answered correctly, still gives me goosebumps.”

– Jessa, Special Education teacher at Chileda

At Chileda, our students struggle every day with communication. Some students communicate by using sign language while others have developed their own personal ways of communicating. Some students even speak to us by quoting their favorite movies. Yet others cannot speak, sign or write; so how can they express their needs and how can we meet them?

A touchscreen Smartboard in every classroom is a way to give our students a voice.

The Smartboards will allow our teachers to better accommodate all of our students at the same time. Lessons can be put up on the projector screen and also viewed on individual tablets. No matter where a student sits in the room, no matter the lesson, everyone can participate. This is true with math, matching or reading an interactive book.

Your donation will help improve the quality of life for a child at Chileda. Join us this Holiday Season in giving our students a voice. Mail your donations to Chileda at 1825 Victory St, La Crosse, WI 54601 or call us at 608-782-6480 ext. 352. On behalf of the students, and staff at Chileda, let us thank you for your previous and future support.

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