In-Home Support Services
Our Behavior Consultants will collaborate with the child’s team to complete a functional behavior assessment (FBA) and develop a positive behavior support plan (PBSP). Parent & Caregiver Education and Daily Living Skills are services provided within this program as well.

School Consultation & Assessments
Our team will consult and collaborate with the child’s team at school and develop a functional behavior assessment(FBA) and positive behavior support plan together to meet the behavior needs of the child. The child’s team will be trained on the plan by our behavior consultant.

For more information and referral questions, please contact our Director of In-Home Support Services, Emily Burrington. or 608-461-5206

Support Groups & Learning Opportunities
The Center recognizes the importance of having strong support systems when caring for an individual with Autism and other Complex Care needs. We offer opportunities for caregivers to connect, collaborate and learn.

  • Relative Caregiver Support Group
  • Sibshop

Sibshops are presented Chileda in partnership with the Down Syndome Association of Wisconsin

What is a Sibshop?
A Sibshop is an opportunity for brothers and sisters (ages 7-12) of kids with special needs to come together and receive support from each other. Through activities, games and discussion, the youth receive support from their peers who may be experiencing similar feelings of having a sibling with special needs.

The Sibshop model uses many off beat games and activities interspersed with discussion and informational activities to provide siblings with information, support and a whole lot of fun!

*The Sibshop model takes a wellness approach. Although Sibshops may be therapeutic for some children, Sibshops are not considered therapy and should not replace any family or individual therapy already in place.

How are Sibshops run?
Sibshops are led by Chileda employees who are trained Sibshop facilitators. Volunteers assist with activities and provide a 1:2 adult to participant ratio. As often as possible, volunteers who have siblings with special needs are recruited to provide insight on what it is like to grow up with a sibling with special needs.

“As a kid, it was hard to explain to friends what it was like to have a sister with autism and how that would affect us when they would come over to play. Most kids my age didn’t quite understand what it was like. So for my brother and I, going to Sibshops were a great way to talk to other kids that could relate to us and that had stories of their own to share.”
-Jenna Cavey


Sibshops are held on Saturdays from 9:00 am to Noon at the Chileda Development and Learning Center (3716 Mormon Coulee Road, La Crosse)..
A fee of $10 covers the cost of a snack and materials for the event.

For registration information, please contact Emily Burrington. or 608.461.5206.