Category: Student Activities

Student Council

By Tina M
October 24th

Submitted by Trista Zimmerman, Leisure Education Teacher

A new school year brings a new group of students on the Chileda Student Council! Our group meets bi-weekly to discuss different happenings around campus. Some of the major issues already tackled have been the student handbook as well as discussions about the school menu. Future endeavors include planning outings, fundraising and other campus activities. Every student will have a chance to run for office and each student will have a special job on Student Council after the voting concludes.

Pictured: Student diligently working on his campaign speech.

Out & About in the Community

By Tina M
September 26th

Oh, the wonderful things we do at Chileda!!! A couple weeks ago, students and staff enjoyed a day outside at Camp Decorah participating in kickball, yoga, parachute play, bracelet making and climbing the tree fort. Thank you to Camp Decorah for providing us with such an incredible play area on a beautiful summer day. Check out more photos on our Facebook page:

Pictured: Students engaged in chair yoga :).

Healthy Habits Update

By Tina M
September 12th

Submitted by Trista Zimmerman, Leisure Education Teacher

Over the past few months, students have been able to place health at the forefront with our Healthy Habits program. Using our Tools for Schools grant, we’ve had the opportunity to explore different activities across campus and in the community. The grant has enabled us to:

  • Purchase water bottles, as well as a new water fountain, which has increased hydration habits amongst staff and students.
  • Go on outings – hiking, to the grocery store, to community gardens, and other health related activities.
  • Have bikes repaired which the students have taken out into the community during their Physical Education time.
  • Explore new fruits and veggies by visiting our local Co-op.
  • Focus on overall wellbeing with a unit on happiness
  • Participate in Health Jeopardy and win healthy prizes
  • Complete a unit on sharing with accompanying fruit paintings.

The Healthy Habits programming has been a great way to teach lifelong wellness skills to our students, and will continue to be implemented once a month during the school year.

Parachute Play

By Tina M
September 5th

Parachute play provides endless fun!

Water Play

By Tina M
August 15th


The weather was perfect yesterday for a fun evening of water play during our large group recreation time. Students ran through sprinklers, played in kiddie pools and enjoyed the much anticipated staff dunk. Students were given the opportunity to dump as much water as they wanted onto staff. As you can see from the photo, students loved every minute of this. So many smiles, so much laughter. We know how to have fun!

Healthy Habits

By Tina M
June 27th


We are thrilled to be a recipient of the “Tools for Schools” grant. Chileda received the $750 award from WXOW, Brenengen Auto, SSE Music, and Dependable Solutions in May. Thank you to teachers, Anita Dickman and Trista Zimmerman, for applying for the grant!

The award will help with the implementation of a healthy habits program which will focus on hygiene, healthy eating, personal care, and overall well-being.

Our first purchase will be water bottles for the students! Funds will also be used to purchase materials for art projects pertaining to germs, teeth brushing, food pyramids, etc.

Thank you to WXOW, Brenengen Auto Group, Dependable Solutions and S.S.E. Music, Inc. for your generosity and helping Chileda implement this new wellness program for our students.