All Ages

Serving children and young adults, ages 6-21

1:2 Ratio

On average only 2 students per staff member

Over 40 years

Changing lives since 1973

We’re here to help

Chileda, founded in 1973, is a living and learning center dedicated to helping children with cognitive and behavioral challenges reach their full potential.

We serve children and young adults between the ages of 6 to 21. Autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injury, and oppositional defiant disorder are common diagnoses for children who attend Chileda.

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Chileda Staff

Staff dedicated to making a difference

We are fortunate to attract some of the brightest people in our industry to work with us and to care for the children that call Chileda home.

The talents of our staff are exceeded only by their enthusiasm and commitment. Many of our staff have been with Chileda for over 15 years, a testament to their dedication, belief in our mission and to each child’s potential to succeed.

Chileda Services

Our services

We offer a spectrum of approaches to meet the diverse needs of our students through comprehensive training and support to our employees.

Chileda Programs

Programs we offer

Chileda supports children and young adults with cognitive and behavioral challenges from local communities and across the country.

I sincerely hope that David's moving on from Chileda opens the door for another family in need. I never take for granted what Chileda has done for David. It has been an amazing blessing and words cannot express the gratitude. Thank you! Polly and David
Betty DeBoer, Ph.D. UW La Crosse
As I watched the staff members work, I felt a swell come over me. This team work and patience could not be replicated in any school I have ever worked in. This observation reinforced the thought that I have had for many years: If I ever had a child with multiple severe disabilities who could not be sustained at home, I would want him or her to be at Chileda. Betty DeBoer, Ph.D. in School Psychology
I love every moment I spend at Chileda! Every day I laugh and get to be silly. Seeing how much the students grow, and being a part of that, is something you can’t get anywhere else. I’m so lucky to work here. Cassie